Who We Are

Discover how Sparrow Academy seeks to reimagine an education environment where learning and healing meet.

Our Mission

The mission of Sparrow Academy is to approach the whole child in a compassionate, safe, progressive learning environment, where all students are able to reach their maximum potential.

Education Reimagined

Sparrow Academy is a 3rd–12th grade school that approaches learning through the lens of healing and emotional regulation.

Through an alternative experience of smaller class sizes, welcoming classrooms, and trauma-informed staff, students are offered an environment designed to meet their individual needs.

A Unique Approach

Sparrow Academy implements a purposeful, healing approach for educating students across a wide range of diverse experiences including emotional challenges, specific disabilities, trauma-related experiences, and those who may benefit from a different experience than traditional classrooms.

Our key strategies of prioritizing life skills and emotional regulation techniques provides a safe space for trust-building and positive relationships to foster educational development.